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Trade-Ups & Trade-Ins

Trade Up Policies

PLATINUM level purchases may be traded for up to one (1) year from original purchase at 75% value of their invoiced sales price toward a product equal to a minimum of 20% increase over the original purchase. All shipping charges and insurance are the responsibility of the customer for both the returning of the product(s) and shipping of the new product(s). Returned product(s) for trade-up must be in like-new condition. Otherwise, Cary Audio has the right to add a surcharge on the new product(s) commensurate with any wear and tear or damage. If customer does not agree with Cary Audio’s assessment, either Cary Audio or customer have the right to refuse or back out of the trade-up. In such case, customer will be responsible for return shipping of their product(s)

Trade In Policies

PLATINUM and GOLD level purchasers may request a trade-in of used Cary Audio or other brand audio equipment towards a new purchase. SILVER level purchasers may request a trade in of Cary Audio only products towards a new purchase. All potential trades must be pre-approved by Cary Audio by filling out a trade-in request form prior to making a PLATINUM, GOLD or SILVER level purchase.