Trade-In Program

Welcome to the Trade-in Program section of CaryDirect!

Here you can trade-in your old used stereo audio components towards brand new Cary Audio equipment with full factory warranty and support. It's fast, easy and a fun way to upgrade your old stereo gear to the latest technology!




How it Works

Our worldwide network of audio buyers allows us to take in your used home stereo and home audio equipment. We can convert your pre-owned audio components from any other manufacturer into BRAND NEW Cary Audio equipment with full factory warranty. From $1,000 to $100,000+ amps, no audio products are beyond our scope. We accept on trade both expensive AND traditionally priced equipment so please contact us no matter what you have to trade-in.

What We Accept on Trade

We take trade-ins on used home audio components and even whole stereo systems ($1,000 to $100,000+ retail value) and give you back BRAND NEW Cary Audio products. We accept in trade 2 channel and multi-channel stereo products including amps/preamps, turntables, digital equipment, tuners, processors, equalizers and even entire systems from most audio manufacturers. Very expensive and exotic equipment is no problem for us as we specialize in accepting the widest range of audio products and makes. Individual items must have a retail price over $1,000 in order for us to consider taking them in on trade unless they are part of an entire system. We accept complete systems. PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept speakers, car audio, TV's or Pro Audio in trade.

5 Easy Steps

  1. Click on the applicable above link(s).
  2. Fill out the form(s) providing us with the information we need to evaluate your equipment.
  3. After we review your trade-in, we'll send you a quote via email.
  4. Once you accept the quote by responding to the email offer, we'll send detailed instructions on how to send your trade-in product(s) to us.
  5. After we receive, visually inspect, and sign off on the gear, you will receive a coupon code for the agreed upon amount to use for your BRAND NEW Cary Audio product(s) purchase on CaryDirect.

That's it...Quick, Fun, and Easy!

If you have any questions, please contact us at 919-355-0010 or by email at

All sales of brand new Cary Audio equipment purchased through the trade-in program are final. No returns.