SLI-80HS Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier

For over a decade, the SLI-80 has reigned supreme as the ultimate choice for discerning audiophiles seeking a vacuum tube-integrated amplifier blending power and aesthetics. Whether you crave pure Class A performance at 40 watts per channel or robust Class AB output at 80 watts per channel, the SLI-80HS envelops you in a mesmerizing soundscape of rich tones and deep bass. With endless tube rolling possibilities, tailor your listening experience to suit you.

Prepare to be captivated as the SLI-80HS effortlessly exceeds expectations, surpassing the performance of many separates. Its global bestseller status speaks volumes, a testament to its unrivaled quality. Elevate your setup with customizable wood side panels from Klipsch, a collaboration to match their Heritage Series loudspeakers perfectly, for a gorgeous aesthetic pleasing to the eye and the ear.

The SLI-80HS cage cover provides added security for your vacuum tubes, safeguarding them from curious children, pets, or other potential hazards. When you buy a new SLI-80HS, you can include this protective cover with your order at an additional cost, and it will be delivered along with your SLI-80HS, free of shipping charges. Alternatively, you can purchase the cage cover separately later, but shipping fees will apply.

Products purchased with an upgrade(s) are not eligible for return or credit, and sales are final. A 30-day audition does not apply.

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The following section describes the SLI-80HS basic specifications. The specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Circuit Type Push-Pull Ultra-Linear Amplification Pure Class AB1
Power Output 40 watts/channel – Triode
80 watts/channel – Ultra-Linear
Tube Complement 2 – 6922 Input Buffer Preamp
2 – 6SN7 Pre-Driver/Phase Inverter
4 – KT88 Output Tubes (or 6550, EL34, 6CA7, KT77, KT90, KT120)
Input Sensitivity .45 volts for full output
Input Impedance 100,000 ohms
Noise and Hum 82dB below rated output
Frequency Response 19Hz to 23KHz +/- .5 dB at full power output
Output Taps 8 Ohms, 4 Ohms
Maximum Gain 34dB
Power Consumption 166 watts - Operation
83 watts - Standby
Inputs 3 Pairs Single-ended RCA
Outputs 1 Pair Speaker Posts (Switch for 4 and 8 Ohm Selectable)
1 Pair RCA for Subwoofer, ¼” Headphone
Output Polarity Non-Inverting (any input)
Warn-Up Time Approximately 3 minutes
Break-In Period 100 hours of music playing time
Finish Black Powder Coated Matte Chassis with Silver or Black Aluminum Faceplate and Knobs
Weight 42 lbs.
Dimensions 7" H x 17" W x 16" D
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