Universal Programmable Remote Control

One of the most common issues with operating today’s entertainment systems is the plethora of remote controls involved. Cary Audio has introduced a powerful new universal remote to control all of your electronic components easily and conveniently. It will operate up to ten different products, and is pre-programmed with IR codes for virtually all brands and models (over 230,000 devices). If something is missing you can teach the commands from the original remote to Cary Audio’s Universal Remote Control with the press of just a couple of buttons. It is also programmed with remote commands for all Cary Audio products ever offered (that use a remote), so you can easily integrate an older preamplifier, for example, into your new system.

To manage a complex system, it is important that a remote control operate the multiple components in a given order, automating the task of selecting a source and starting the music or movie. The Universal Remote Control provides 18 macros, each containing up to 20 steps from any of the ten controlled components. You can also set up ten sets of favorite channels so each family member can quickly find their favorite shows. These one-touch activity-based controls allow your family and friends to easily and intuitively turn on the entertainment they want.

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The Cary Audio Universal Programmable Remote Control was designed to control your entire home theater system with a single device. It comes with a huge internal code library for thousands of devices, as well as all Cary Audio products. In addition it can act as a “learning” remote to accept codes from other remotes not covered in our library. Future downloadable libraries can be added using the built in SD card slot. The Universal Programmable Remote Control is also capable of using extensive macros. 18 macros of up to 20 steps each give you powerful control with a single button. In addition, ten sets of Favorite Channel modes allow each family member to save their own favorites.

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