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Get to Know AiOS

The DMS-500 is considered one of the best sounding, most capable network audio player/streamer/DACs available, far exceeding customer and reviewers expectations alike. It has received numerous accolades for its stunning sound quality and its digital swiss army knife like capabilities. The SA-200.2 is our stalwart 200 watt RMS per channel solid state amplifier. Reviewers have gushed over this amplifier comparing it to other highly acclaimed solid state amplifiers at double its price. One reviewer even said it should be a $15,000 amplifier in comparing it to the competition. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, but they said it, not us! Regardless, it’s a steal of an amplifier for $3,995!

So how do these two undisputed heavy weights of their category relate to our $2,995 AiOS all-in-one unit? Much closer than one might imagine. Obviously, we couldn’t pack an entire DMS-500 and SA-200.2 into the stylized, compact, all aluminum chassis of the AiOS, but we came darn close! The amplifier circuit in the AiOS is actually the same circuit used in the $3,995 SA-200.2. We had to miniaturize this circuit using Micro Surface Mounted Devices, decrease output to 75 watts per channel and use an appropriate sized heat sink while still using a very high quality toroidal transformer, although much smaller than in the SA-200.2. No cheap switching power supplies or class D amplifier stages here! Pure discrete class AB amplification only. On the digital side, AiOS has the exact same network player/streaming/DAC playback capabilities of the $4,995 DMS-500. It even uses the same DAC chip, utilizing a single dual channel chip instead of two chips like the DMS-500. There is not one digital capability in playback, streaming and DAC ability that the DMS-500 has that the AiOS does not. That includes MQA, Roon Ready, TIDAL, Spotify, vTuner, DSD up to 512, PCM up to 32 Bit 384kHz (768kHz for 24 bit .WAV), selectable PCM to DSD conversion, TruBit™ selectable PCM and DSD upsampling, aptX® Bluetooth input, both Ethernet and WIFI connectivity, and more. In fact, AiOS is packed with all kinds of additional user features, like the ability to illuminate any color (optional matching aluminum color side panels), 15-band EQ, Selectable Bluetooth SEND (to connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers), custom greeting and power off messages, and more! Where the DMS-500 and AiOS do differ is that the source only DMS-500 uses a large dedicated power supply, reference grade analog output topology and components. AiOS is not a one off, outsourced, “me too” all-in-one product. With a footprint of a mid-sized laptop it weighs in at 15lbs. It’s a bargain for both the audiophile and non-audiophile alike. We made it for all music lovers! AiOS is easily 50% or more of the $9,000 worth of design, sound and technology of the DMS-500 and SA-200.2. It’s also assembled in our North Carolina factory. AiOS is voiced to sound a bit bolder considering it’s likely to be paired with more modest bookshelf or floor standing speakers. However, AiOS’ 15-band EQ allows its sound to be tailored to one’s speakers, room variances and/or sonic preferences. 

Most importantly, AiOS was envisioned to be enjoyed both aesthetically and sonically. It is not meant to be stuffed in a rack or closet. It’s meant for folks desiring a small compact, no comprise audio system with the DNA of a reference system. AiOS is for enjoying music, not for fretting over. It’s also perfect as a secondary system for an office or bedroom. If utilizing multiple AiOS’ or a combination of AiOS and the DMS-500, one can even sync zones or stream different content to each zone utilizing Roon’s multi-room/zone abilities.

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