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Concierge Pricing

What is Concierge Pricing?

Concierge Pricing is exactly what the name suggests, offering custom pricing solutions to fit the needs of the customer. CaryDirect customers now have several choices with respect to ownership cost, as well as the benefits and services they desire.

Concierge Pricing consists of three levels, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Each level includes its own package of benefits and services commensurate with the pricing. Please see the graphic below for a quick overview of each package’s benefits and services. To see pricing, simply go the product page of the product you’re interested in and you will notice a Platinum, Gold, and Silver badge under the Concierge Pricing option. Simply click one of the packages to see the retail price adjust. 

 Concierge Pricing

Concierge Pricing is the result of following customer trends and feedback. It’s clear in today’s marketplace customers want choices and the ability to buy when they want. Concierge Pricing addresses those needs. Of course, all levels retain free shipping in the Continental United States and Canada. In addition, CaryDirect continues to offer same as cash financing for various terms and accepts trade-in of both Cary Audio and other branded products as per the selected package.

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