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Cinema 11

The Cinema 11 is an AV preamplifier design and it is meant to be a reference quality surround sound audio control center with very sophisticated automatic or manual set up functions. It is aimed at ease of use for normal home surround systems or for use in custom installations. It has independent 2nd zone remote control as well so you can enjoy surround sound in your home cinema main room and have 2nd zone stereo sound in another part of the house. We have a separate remote handset for each zone so that control of input source selection in each of the two zones is easy at the same time. All of the Main Room audio output connectors have 24-bit/192 kHz D/A converters operating in dual differential mode for excellent sound quality and high dynamic range. In addition, the Cinema 11 includes 7.1 channel XLR balanced audio outputs for your main listening room if you are using a power amplifier with balanced input connections.

The Cinema 11 has a rear panel RS-232 serial port connector provided for home automation serial control and allows us to perform flash-memory software upgrades with this connection. We have added an unusual looking 'system link' connector to support digital future expansion for high definition audio codecs included with the new higher definition video disks now being sold. The system link connector is available for future new surround modes like Dolby True HD and DTS-HD, making it possible to more than quadruple the Cinema 11’s tremendous processing power. This connector is originally from the computer industry and features frequency bandwidth capabilities exceeding 2 gHz! We will make an adapter for video processing to access this connector and offer high performance video switching and scaling to our users.

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This Cinema 11 has a silver faceplate. It was put through our rigorous certification process and is in excellent condition. There is a light mark on the top cover and volume knob.

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